Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:     What are the requirements for membership?

A:     Members must....

  • Be currently employed by or retired from a law enforcement agency.  Limited (extremely limited) exceptions have been made  on a case by case basis and must be approved by the Mother Chapter Executive Board.
  • Be willing to support the club mission and values, and attend all club events.
  • Personify the Club core values of trust, camaraderie, brotherhood, and integrity.
  • Own a minimum 1200cc motorcycle in the U.S. or 600cc in European chapters.
  • Successfully complete a "prospect" period.  A prospect period is generally a full riding season so that we can evaluate you as a potential member and you have the chance to decide if the club is right for you.

Q:    What kind of rides do you do?

A:   All kind of rides.  We ride and donate to charities supporting law enforcement employees and the families of LE who are killed or injured.

Q:    Can anyone ride with you?

A:     We do not associate with 1% motorcycle clubs